How to repair damaged hair?

How to repair damaged hair?

Hair damage is not just split ends. When your hair is extremely damaged, it will start to improve cracks from the outside layers. Then, it will cause to arise further damages and breakages. As a result of that, your hair will look frizzy.

So, what you can do here? The real remedy is the time! Take the necessary steps to control the new damages.

Be aware of the reason behind the hair damage

Many reasons cause to damage the hair. Before treating them, you must be aware of the factors that lead to this condition. So, keep reading to prevent further damage.

It is from dye

Dying the hair is beautiful these days but it will cause to arise issues related to hair in the long run. Because chemical dyes are the main factor that removes the natural moisture of the hair soon.

How to limit further damage

  • Stay on shade

When you are choosing a dye, pay your attention to the products with 3 shades of the natural color. The disadvantage in the unnatural colors is, the hardness to maintain the hair frequently.

  • Dye less often

The time gap between the days you dye also important in maintaining the health of the hair. It is better to wait for 8 to 10 weeks to dye after the previous one.

In addition to that, the following tips will also help you in this case.

  • When you are choosing the shampoo, buy one which is formulated especially for dyed hair.
  • Use cool water to rinse shampoo and conditioner.
  • Wash the hair less frequently.

Go to a professional

Consulting professionals are always expensive. On the other hand, coloring is also a job of such experts. They know how to choose high-quality products to minimize hair damages.

It is from bleach

Why do we use bleach? It helps to remove the natural hair color. To fulfill that task, it needs to make the hair swell and allow the bleach to achieve the inner part of that strand.

That’s how it dissolves the melanin which provides the hair pigment.

How to limit further damages

  • Add moisture

It is better to moisture the hair before bleaching. Also, try to avoid other damages such as heat styling for some weeks.

  • Use sun protection

This is an important point. The UV rays that come from the sun cause to harm to the hair. Moreover, bleached hair is susceptible to UV damage.
What you can do to protect your hair from this issue? Wear a hat or hair wrap. Also, you can use UV protection hair spray.

Final thought

Hair damage has become a common problem in the modern world. Many people are suffering from this issue. Most of the time, the products that contain harmful chemicals lead to this condition.

However, there is no point in worrying about the damage at the end because you cannot undo it now. But you can practice proper habits and give some extra love to the hair.

Unless you notice any good result after those solutions, meet your doctor or dermatologist. Then, they will analyze the symptoms and provide you the better advice.

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